Hvad andre burde have sagt om Betablokken!

“I think the future will come to understand the importance of people getting together in communities and preparing for themselves to become involved with positive causes like the one I’ve seen on Betablokken.” – Niels Bohr

“I’ve seen people sharing information here that should have stayed private – and private information that has not been shared that should have.” – Albert Einstein

“Betablokken is like this kind of crazy idea that doesn’t stand a chance anywhere but on the internet. I’m still proud of having helped create a foundation for people like me who are crazy enough to think we can change the world.” – Steve Jobs

“Betablokken?” – Lou Reed

“Wonderful people having a good time and sharing and caring. You should all feel so proud!” – Pamela Anderson

“Viiseligt – Herren vaere os naadig. Vi har sandelig ikke langt igen. Om end Vejen foran os maa forekomme os lang og pinefuld saa kan mennesker i disse faellesskaber sammen naa laengere – om de og Gud vil – end den enkelte i sit soelle armod og umiskendelige afmagt.” – Søren Kirkegaard

“You’re so sweet, sweet, sweet and adorable. I just want to hold and kiss you all! Love M.” –Marilyn Monroe

“One day people will look back onto Earth and know that people will do anything to take charge of their own life and future. The people on Betablokken are not always aware that they too should take more care of themselves and others in the same that anyone else – because we’re all humans. Anyone should feel proud to be part of anything small or big and never be ashamed of anything which might or might not be true.” – John F. Kennedy

“I feel Betablokken can help people feel a little more connected – and sane in a world that did not make a lot of sense. Hugs & Love, Amy.” – Amy Whinehouse

“There is no ‘no hope’” – Gandhi

Af Jens


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