Psykologi studerende fra USA i praktik i Fountain House


Hej! Our names are Jessica and Lizzy and we are American exchange students studying at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad in Copenhagen. As part of our psychology studies, we are visiting Fountain House every Wednesday morning until mid-May. At our home universities we are both pursuing bachelors degrees in psychology and aim to work in a clinical psychology setting in the future.

Lizzy is from the Washington, D.C. area and Jessica is from the Chicagoland area. Lizzy attends MacalesterCollege in St. Paul, Minnesota and Jessica studies at NorthwesternUniversity in Evanston, Illinois. In her free time Lizzy enjoys rowing crew, attending concerts, and spending time with her friends, family, and cats. Jessica likes reading, partcipating in her sorority, skiing, and hanging out with her family and friends. However, in Copenhagen we’ve been enjoying seeing the sites, exploring a new city, and getting to know the Danes and their culture.

Since our arrival in mid-January, we’ve felt very welcomed and are so impressed by the beauty of the city and everything it has to offer. For example, we’ve visited Rosenborg Slot, the Round Tower, Lousiana Museum, the Royal Palace, the Royal Theartre, and of course the Little Mermaid! For the most part we’ve adjusted to the public transport system and are making progress with our minimal Danish language skills.

We have now visited the Fountain House three times and are looking forward to getting to know the staff and members, as well as a sense of the functions and purposes of the House in general. We are interested in hearing the members and staff’s stories and seeing how mental health is addressed in the Danish culture and welfare system. It is our hope to contribute to the house and make some Danish friends, too! We also plan to visit Fountain Houses back in the United States to see how they compare to their Danish counterparts. Feel free to leave comments or questions for us. We are eager to join the Fountain House community.

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